The beginnings of AMZTOTAL

The founders' story

Managing directors Anthony Filipiak and Lorenzo Kotalla began to build up their own Amazon companies during their university studies to acquire a comprehensive and in-depth expertise in the e-commerce field. They were constantly driven by a fascination for entrepreneurship, financial independence and pioneering work.

The journey to success

Little by little, the two illustrated growing success and knowledge, which attracted other entrepreneurs who were interested in the innovative strategies used by the founders. More and more people turned to Lorenzo and Anthony to gain advise on how to successfully build an Amazon business.

Status Quo

For this reason, Anthony and Lorenzo decided to start AMZCOMPLETE in Europe and shortly after AMZTOTAL.

Both companies are designed to help their clients build their own profitable Amazon business. In this process, along with their team, they take over every major step needed to successfully set up your business and additionally coach you on every detail so that at the end, you are an expert too.

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