Our team consists of a large number of experts so that we can reach maximum performance for you in every single part of the process.

Managing directors

Melina Brokmeier

CEO, Senior Strategist & Consultant

Melina Brokmeier is the CEO of AMZTOTAL. She was introduced to the world of entrepreneurship from a young age on. Wanting to expand her knowledge, she moved to the US over 10 years ago, completed two degrees in New York and helped several start ups grow by being in charge of their business development teams. With her deep knowledge of e-commerce she oversees all the operations and ensures that each step of the process is executed on the highest level.

Lorenzo Kotalla

President, Senior Strategist & Consultant

During his medical studies, Lorenzo realized that an Amazon company offers many benefits and above all, freedom, location independence and time independence. Resulting, he created his own company, generating several 7-digit sales on Amazon. Today, Lorenzo is responsible for implementing the latest strategies. He guides AMZTOTAL clients from the decision on the first products and supports them in expanding their own business and building their brand.

Leo Mills

Senior Strategist & Consultant

Leo is the senior strategist of AMZTOTAL. He quickly rose through the ranks, to eventually become AMZTOTAL's leading strategist and one of the leading Amazon experts on the market. Leo is driven by the vision of helping everyday people become successful through the Amazon FBA business. He works tirelessly to develop innovative solutions and to bring the company’s service forward.

Team Leaders

Eric R.

Head of Product Management

Fabian J.

Head of Amazon Marketing

Sascha B.

Head of Data Analysis

Jaime R.

Head of Marketing

Manuel Rausch

Head of HR


Gabriela C.

Sascha B.

Jean Carlo B.

Koral P.

William W.

Yasushi N.

Thomas P.

Moritz S.

Maximilian F.

Marvin K.

Lara P.

Giulia R.

Edah B.

Dairon G.

Araz M.

Yara O.

Van Luan N.

Thomas W.

Runa R.

Danilo S.

Raoul W.

Dragana S.

Alina L.

Katharina D.

Rebecca S.

Maximilian F.

Daniel M.

Nuojia W.

Tak-Shing C.

Tom T.

Ray-Marvin M.

Jennifer B.

Laura G.

Sergej G.

Sejla S.

Caryl-Ann P.

Marina L.

Andreas I.

Dominik S.

Frank M.

Lucie W.

Leon J.

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