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4 Steps to your Amazon Business

Product Research

After your strategic call with one of our experts, we’ll find suitable and profitable products for you.

Sourcing & Manufacturing

We improve the product to create a clear difference from the existing competition in the market. Our local team is looking for the most suitable manufacturer, who meets all of our quality standards.

Import & Launch on Amazon

Our experienced team handles the import smoothly. Afterwards we launch your product on the Amazon marketplace.

Brand Optimization & Scaling

After the initial product launch, we constantly optimize your product so that it remains a top performer.


Excellent partner
Smooth processes
High profitability
Over 5 years of expertise

Case Studies:


Stefania knew about the boom in ecommerce and the huge potential of the Amazon marketplace, but just didn’t have enough experience to build a business by herself.

A successful e-commerce brand in the “pet” niche, that enables her to generate 6-digit monthly sales regardless of her time investment.

Development of the right brand strategy and implementation of processes and automation.


Samantha already had a well-paid job. Still, she always wanted to own her own successful Amazon business , but just couldn’t find the time to lift the project off by herself.

To have a successful Amazon FBA business as fast as possible, and bring in a consistent revenue month after month.

A reliable partner with an over-and-over proven strategy to kick things off quickly.


Camillo has been looking at Amazon's growth for over 2 years, but has been held back by the complexity of the individual steps.

To leverage the opportunity of Amazon FBA, and thus further diversify his current assets.

Take the first step and start with an experienced partner. Establishing a constant cash flow through launching multiple products.

Your advantages with us

Start Right Away

We build your entire Amazon FBA business from A to Z for you. This is the easiest way to your own successful and profitable company.

Shared Knowledge

We combine theory and practice: While we take over the process, we also share all of the knowledge about Amazon FBA with you.

Individual Goals

Depending on where you are and where you want to go: we work together to build your personal success strategy, so you can achieve your goals.

Team of Experts

Our qualified specialists take over every step, to make sure that everything is being done at the highest possible level.

Proven Strategy

Our strategies have been proven hundreds of times. This ensures that your project runs smoothly, so your product can become an Amazon bestseller as well.

Personal Contact

We work closely together throughout the process to ensure the best results. Like this an ideal knowledge transfer is guaranteed.

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Our results speak for themselves











We start and scale your Amazon FBA business for you.

Past experiences have shown that it can be complex to set up your own Amazon business without prior knowledge. This is exactly where AMZTOTAL comes into play to support you on the way to your success.

Over 600 of our clients already benefit from our unique concept:

We build your Amazon business completely for you.
Access to our expert know-how.
No prior knowledge required.
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  • Samuel P.
    Amazon seller
    "In my opinion, AMZTOTAL is the best partner when it comes to being successful with Amazon. I have 100% trust in the company and can only recommend everyone to give the guys a chance!"
  • Georg A.
    Amazon seller
    "Regardless of whether you are currently at 0 or already have a running business: AMZTOTAL ensures that your business gets to the next level. The experienced team supports you from A to Z, so that the scaling of your company is in the best hands and goal-oriented manner completely convinced me!"
  • Stefan P.
    Amazon seller
    "AMZTOTAL is not only the most competent contact person on the topic of Amazon FBA, they are companions and advisors. There is constant exchange with the community and the AMZTOTAL team. The positive energy gets you carried away and you step by step approach your personal goal . "

Your application process

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A consultant will look at your application.
If your application is accepted, a phone call will be arranged with you.
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Your advantages as an Amazon Entrepreneur

A successful company needs more than just an idea:
you need a strong and competent partner by your side.


An Amazon company is a system that enables you to sell your own products. Products that were previously purchased offline are now purchased from Amazon.


Thanks to the completely digitized system, you are not tied to any place. You can choose your workplace yourself. All you need is a computer and internet connection.

Working time

As our Done4You Client, you have the advantage that the entire process is taken care of  by us. This system allows you to freely organize your time, while generating a steady cash flow.

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The founders Anthony Filipiak and Lorenzo Kotalla had already started to build their own Amazon companies during their studies. As the two became better known in the scene with their increasing success, other entrepreneurs became aware of the founders’ strategies.

More and more people who also wanted to successfully build an Amazon business turned to the two founders with the request to support them in their project. And that is how Anthony and Lorenzo decided to found AMZTOTAL. There are many coaches and service providers that focus on some areas of this industry, but the founders' main motivation was that the greatest possible success is only possible, if every part of the entire Amazon company is built from a single source.

With AMZTOTAL, they help ordinary people build their own profitable Amazon business. They achieve this by taking over every step of the process, while imparting valuable knowledge about Amazon along the way.

The founder story

Unique concept:

The unique concept of AMZTOTAL has already been successfully implemented with over 600 clients. The successful agency employs over 75 people across the globe. It is one of the fastest growing Amazon agencies.

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